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Thomas Batardière









4 hectares

Biodynamic (Certified Demeter)

Continental climate with Atlantic influence. Sandy decomposed schist on schist bedrock, altered volcanic rocks. Gentle to steep slopes, 50-100m altitude

Thomas, originally from Angers began as a caviste in a shop specialising in organic and natural wines and earned a degree as a sommelier in 2008. He became fixated on the craftsmanship of winemaking and pursued a degree in viticulture in Beaune. An experience of several years followed at Chateau Yvonne in Parnay, just outside of Saumur; working under Mathieu Vallée, an already well established and skillfull biodynamic producer in the area.

Young vines of Chenin Blanc beside Thomas’ home

Thomas began his own domain in 2011 after purchasing 2 ha of Chenin in the town of Rablay-sur-Layon in Anjou. The first challenge was to convert the vineyard to be farmed biodynamically and was fully certified Demeter by 2015. Thomas has since increased his holdings.

He now manages a little over 4 ha, primarily Chenin with smaller pockets of Grolleau and Cabernet Franc. The domain began as little more than the land itself and a pair of pruning shears, This is how so many commendable projects start, with a conviction to do something unique and few of the necessary means. A work ethic and devotion to an idea that comes through in the finished wine.

Thomas believes that biodynamics heightens the wine's general acoustics, it allows vines to have improved communication with their environment, a more deep connection from the earth to the cosmos. Biodynamics allows the winemaker and plants to interact. Biodynamics brings life to the plant, the land and everyone one and everything involved in the process. In the cellar, sulfur is kept to an absolute minimum and used only in cases of VA and in minute quantities are bottling. Beginning in 2022 Thomas has also purchased 2 Alsatian foudres as an experiment in élevage. From the beginning he has balanced ageing in tank and barrel on the majority of his cuvées, a situation that can be both simplified and controlled with the use of foudre; maintaining tension, encouraging reduction while carefully controlling presence of oak.

Wines that are free to express naturally and more complex. The wines are pure and incredibly precise.

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