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Nicolas Arnou









10 hectares

Practicising biodynamic & permaculture. Integration of animals (Sheep, chicken and geese).

Sandstones, quartz and schist with pockets of calciferous limestone

Nicolas decided to be a winemaker after a career in aeronautical engineering. He chose to rediscover his roots, re-connect with the environment and jump head first into what was and is his passion. He leads a life among the vines and operates with the utmost respect for nature and for the fruit. Through a Jurassian formation with the likes of Pierre Overnoy & Manu Houillon, Nicolas became a devotee to the art of natural winemaking; going free of sulfur only making sense with the ¨less is more attitude¨. In the Layon Valley, near to his family, was where he decided to break ground with the purchase of a cellar and the attached clos. A descendant of farmers of the region, it is a land understood and fortunately this is reflected in the wines. The domaine itself is a 10h enclosure which is part of the domaine de Raimbaudières where Nicolas grows Chenin Blanc, Grolleau and Cabernet Franc

The aspect or gravity cellar even further limits the need for machine assistance in all stages of the winemaking process. The vinification; is carried out as simply as possible, the intention is the preservation of the natural juice, nothing added & nothing taken away. No oenological entrants are used, the wines aren't filtered and pumps are seldom used, there is a spirit of gravity that runs through the entire operation.

They are wines that are unmasked, excitingly pure with an edge of rusticity. The wines are permitted to express themselves with all of their life and nuance.

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