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Domaine de Thalie








Peter Gierszewski

La Moutonnerie (Cluny) Macônnais

4.5 hectares

Certified Organic AB, Practising biodynamic with promotion of biodiversity

Hillside vineyards with Northernly exposition Continental climate with majority clayey-limestone typical of the region. Soil supplemented with parcels of marl and eroded granite. 300-400 meter of altitude.

The rolling hills of Burgundy’s Mâconnais region are particularly celebrated for vibrant Chardonnay, but there are also excellent Pinot Noir and Gamay vineyards here; some of which are home to treasured old vines. In comparison to the Côte d’Or, it’s generally a little more rural here — vineyards are bordered by herd of goats — and although you’re an hour further south, the additional elevation in some areas means freshness is harnessed.

One of the winemakers who found himself enamoured by this microclimate is Peter Gierszewski, of Domaine de Thalie. Previously a chemistry student turned wine merchant, when the opportunity arose to delve in headfirst to the world of farming and winemaking, there was no turning back. The Domaine de Thalie is a small family estate, perched on the heights of the Clunisois.

Its western exposure and the diversity of the soil make it a unique place where chardonnay, pinot noir, gamay and even syrah are cultivated in organic farming. The wines are charged with the energy of the earth, the sun and the passion of an artisan winemaker connected to the land. He created the Domaine de Thalie in 2009 by bringing together different terroirs and grape varieties to produce wines of character.

10 years later, after hours of work and labor in the vineyards, the Domaine has taken shape. The vines are beautiful and productive. The house which is also the cellar is functional and in the image of this family exploitation.

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