Aqui Lou 2018, Jérôme Galaup

Aqui Lou 2018, Jérôme Galaup

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Region Castelnau de Montmiral, Southwest
Variety Prunelart
Viticulture Biodynamic, Permaculture
Serving Carafe well in advance 

Pure Prunelart from Jérôme, dating back to the Middle Ages, this grape was once used to make Gaillac red wines. The phylloxera plague did a lot of damage, and up until 20 years ago there were only 10 hectares of Prunelart vines left. A few dedicated producers have brought it back from near extinction. Prunelart is characterized by firm tannins, an ultra ripe aroma and palate. Jérôme's planted these vines himself around 10 years ago. The result is a concentrated wine, intensely vegetal, full of cooked blackberry, overipe plum & prune matched to a point of licorice. Big & bold from Gaillac. 

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