Reynald Héaulé

With a beginning in accounting Reynald soon made the transition to winemaking. He gained experience throughout Burgundy before finding himself back in the Loire Valley with the legend Claude Courtois where he refined his skill as a winemaker. He began in 2003 when he took over a small parcel of less than half a hectare and has been steadily increasing his vineyard holds ever since.

Reynald farms organically, on a small combination of plots totaling 3.5 hectares. Reynald manages to juggle 15 varieties in such a small space, all planted himself. The soils are highly variable and dependent on the vineyard. Silica, sand and silex dominate the Southern banks of the Loire River and clay and silica lead in combination on the Northern banks.

The winemaking is carried out with any additive except for microscopic amounts of sulfur, only added if necessary (5-10 mg/L) primarily for export. Reynald uses an old vertical press and elevage takes place in majority demi-muids with a preference for well loved oak. All production is in microscopic amounts, each cuvee is incredibly unique.

Subtlety, complexity and refinement. Attention grabbing with elements that are surprising and encourage to go back in for more. They challenge us to search, to think. Intriguing wines of amazing substance and character.

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