We are dedicated to natural & biodynamic wines. We showcase wines made from grapes and grapes only, sourced from vineyards that live in harmony with their environment. Our goal is to aid in the discovery of these wines and the revelation of each wines personality and representation of terroir.

For us wine can be multifaceted; be it a delicacy to enjoy with a meal, a complex sensorial experience or a transmission of emotion. We seek to not only share this amazing story but to connect people. 

Our wine is sourced from hardworking men and women, artisans first and foremost who are passionate, determined and devoted to their craft. We appreciate a holistic approach to wine making whereby the thoughtfulness of the work is reflected both between the vines and in the cellar. 

What is natural and biodynamic wine? They are wines made without the use of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides. Fermented by means of wild indigenous yeasts & without temperature control. Vines that are full of life, that have found a natural equilibrium, that can express honestly. Nothing added and nothing taken away, wines that are the landscape and the people, true reflections of themselves.  
We believe in sustainable viticulture where respect for the land is reflected in the approach to the field, the harvest and the winemaking process. The intent is to revitalise the soil and to leave it pristine for future generations of producers and wine lovers. It's an arduous but necessary commitment, to some, there is no other way.

These wines are a balance of freedom and uncertainty, a search for purity and a singular view of our relationship with the environment. They showcase a connection and understanding of the land while demonstrating the artistry in omitting rather than adding.

Our aim is to inspire a more progressive, sustainable and open-minded approach to wine, one that cares about the land and the people, eschews the use of chemicals and keeps prices fair. And we believe that none of this is possible without taking some risks. From the beginning, maintaining our values have been our priority; we offer those wines from the path less travelled, wines that have move us and continue to do so. We push boundaries and take risks, this is what defines us.

Our palate

Natural wines do not need to be unbalanced and wild, they should however transmit the emotion of the wine maker as well as the energy & effort that goes into making them. It takes a technical understanding to realise that there are some intangible elements that cannot be quantified or explained, we appreciate this moment it motivates us to keep searching, to ask more questions and to reflect. We are enthusiastic about finding wines that have ascend beyond their physical components. Products of place and emotion; we gravitate towards wines that are pure and nuanced, fresh and in balance. Wines should ultimately be drinkable and a joy to drink to the last sip. We believe in the health benefits of drinking these wines and their uplifting effects on the human spirit.