Domaine le Pelut

Pierre is a character to say the least, and we appreciate fascinating character. The wines carry with them a rusticity and emotional impact that is hard to put into words. Most importantly the wines are incredibly delicious and always a joy to drink. We first met late one evening post-salon, we shared a few glasses of something that was left on the table before realising that were in good company. We planned to meet again the following morning to hold a proper tasting together. Theres a patience and calculate approach to Pierre’s delivery. A connection with the earth and a pays-like understanding and simplicity to his wines and his process.

He oversees 2 small parcels over 5 hectares just outside of Cépie, which is just a short distance North of Limoux. He’s been farming this same land for the past 10 years organically with a healthy promotion of biodiversity and regeneration. Biodynamic principles are applied but not certified.

It’s interesting country side here. From Pierre’s original plot you re surrounded by the Pyrenees in the backdrop. Both parcels are exposed to the warm winds from the South-East that blow through the vines. There is a high content of limestone here and naturally the old vines warm consistently throughout the season promoting ripeness, balanced acidity levels and finally, relatively low alcohol levels making for very quaffable wines. The approach to wine making is more focused on growing the best possible fruit and vinifying simply. The Chardonnay is macerated in some vintages and the red cuvées are almost always fermented as whole bunches.

Pierre has a mix planting of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and merlot often blended in different proportions. The wines are generally made reductively, preferring steel over wood for fermentation and favouring extended maceration and fermentation periods (without temperature control) that reach roughly 8 months after harvest. Pierre is also an active member in Vin S.A.I.N.S an organisation shedding light on those wines, topics and producers motivated by wines without any additive, as pure as possible.

The wines of Le Pelut