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Established 2020

We source, import and distribute natural & biodynamic wines in the Netherlands. We work directly with small winegrowers from France, Northern Spain, Portugal and other less discovered regions of Europe. We have a passion for wine that is nuanced, pure and representative of the terroir. Wine should have an impact beyond its structural elements, an inherent emotion; a feeling transmitted from maker to drinker.

Featured Producer
Domaine de Chèrouche (Valais, Switzerland)

The identity of Chèrouche wines is the identity of Marc and Andrea and that of Ayent. There is an alpine accent, cold air, stone, near frozen vegetation and spring water. It is quirky yet precise. There is a firm quality to persistence consistent across all cuvees with lifted acidity and intense mineral salt. Fruit condition remains cold. They are refined and energetic, while often demanding some focus to fully understand. Alpine wine crafted by a thoughtful couple.

Da Ponk 2020, Nicolas ArnouPinot Nero 2018, Podere Aia VecchiaCodols 2019, Domaine VinciLe Sage Vagnin 2020, Philippe ChatillonMarotte 2019, Imanol Garay & Domaine Guirardel

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